Our dentists and team use CAD/CAM technology to design and manufacture the perfect dental restoration right in our office. To utilize this technology, we will capture digital impressions of your teeth with a digital scanner to give us an accurate 3D model of your teeth. After we finish with your impressions, we will transfer them over to our computer so that Dr. Aroon Pal or Dr. Aoun Khan can get to work on crafting a custom restoration. The best part? You do not have to wait weeks for us to create your new restoration. We can create your restoration the same day and make sure it matches the color of your natural teeth. We may also use CAD/CAM technology to build dental fillings and porcelain veneers.

With an appointment here at Brighton Park Dental, our dentists will:

  • Perform an examination.
  • Check to see if you have any signs of decay.
  • Remove any decay, if needed.
  • Take images of your teeth.
  • Upload these images to our computer.
  • Start building your new restoration.

Once your restoration is all finished, Dr. Aroon Pal will place it in and make sure it is comfortable and secure. If you have any questions about CAD/CAM technology in Chicago, Illinois, and would like to schedule a consultation with our dentists, please give us a call at 773-847-1260.